Niki Papageorgiou, Realtor

Niki Papageorgiou, REALTOR®, is a second-generation businesswoman who combined her background in education, with her experience in customer service, and sales. Before finding her passion for real estate, Niki went to Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, graduating with a dual major in Special Education (K-8 MPH) and Elementary Education (PreK-4). She holds teaching licenses in the state of Pennsylvania for both fields. That being said, her experiences working with children and families started a long time ago. This profession allowed her creativity and attention to detail shine, attributes which she carries into her real estate business. Finally; her patient, sincere, and honest demeanor cannot go unnoticed. In addition to education, Niki always excelled in a sales and customer service environment and she developed a passion for developing client relationships and working with people, in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment. Working with Niki you will find she is someone who is motivated, develops relationships with all types easily, and most importantly can handle the “ups and downs” of any situation, a critical characteristic found in great realtors. As a real estate agent, Niki’s dedication to her clients is evident. Her determination for results, communication skills, and work ethic will set her apart from the rest. You will find she loves what she does, which is the key to true happiness.

In addition to finding her passion for the real estate business, Niki is a true animal and nature lover and enjoys spending time with pets and walking in the park. She is an avid reader, enjoys tasting good food and wine, and shopping. Most of all, she loves spending time with family, friends, and loved ones.

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